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September So Far


It’s a funny feeling being back here, writing again, on this long forsaken internet island. It feels strange, but good as well. Like coming home.
I think to un-clog the pipes I need to do a quick rundown of the events of the year so far.
Here goes.
January: In January we bade farewell to my eldest sister and her family as they moved to Thailand for 3 years, maybe longer. It was painfully bittersweet…..we are thrilled for the opportunities God is leading them into but simultaneously feel the distance of all that earth between us. David and I adopted their Golden Retriever, Keiko, when they moved and she has been a JOY. In January we also said our final earthly goodbyes to my aunt Mary who passed away after battling cancer. She was an amazing example of generosity and love to so many people, and she is greatly missed by all of us.

February/March: We finally moved into a rental house next door to my mom’s after waiting for months for it to open up. The weeks flew by with painting and unpacking and organizing but wow…it was so nice to be out in the country at last after living in a small, congested town for the past 6 years. We love it here so much, and not just because I can raid Mom’s kitchen whenever I run out of something. We love the setting we’re in with its beautiful farmland views, and the back roads and the deer in the fields….I could keep going. In February Keiko had to have surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from the base of her tail. Poor dog, I’m not sure who hated the e-collar more, her or me.


April: In April, my sister, cousin, and myself spent a few days in Maryland at our uncle’s place. We were helping him sort through some of aunt Mary’s peripheral belongings. It was a bittersweet time with our dear uncle who is clinging valiantly to the goodness of God.
David and I spent a weekend on the eastern shore in April. We visited Assateague Island and saw the wild ponies, (should I have been more amazed by them? I felt strangely underwhelmed) we spent a few hours in Berlin, Maryland, an adorable small town where the movie Runaway Bride was filmed, and walked the boardwalk in Ocean City. But by far our favorite times were spent around the campfire in front of the little cabin we rented in Frontier Town, a western themed campground. Frontier Town would be a blast for kids but we enjoyed it too….even though we mostly were just there for the campsite.


May: Ah, May was a blur. I remember someone saying, “Hey, Keiko looks fat,” and two weeks later she had five puppies. That was a happy, but unplanned surprise. Two days after she had her puppies 4 of my nieces and nephews came to stay with us for a few weeks. (Their family was in the process of adopting a baby who was born prematurely and their momma had to spend lots of time at the hospital) The kiddos roamed freely between my ours and my mom’s house, playing football with David, holding puppies, planning elaborate tea parties, and just in general living on the love of a grandma and aunts and uncles who live too far away. Also, they are hard workers, and helped complete more than one project around here!


June: June was strawberries and good food and campfires and growing puppies and lazy days on a blanket on the lawn and one adorably cheeky niece we’re lucky enough to have live close by.




July: Hmm……..I can’t remember, was it June or July when we had thunderstorms almost every day for a week or two? Poor Keiko, she is terrified of storms and tries desperately to hide out inside the house at the slightest sound of thunder. In July the puppies all found new homes….it was hard, yet good to say goodbye. July also included a family reunion and an impromptu-one-hard-days-work-of-filming-and-editing (on an iphone, ha!) birthday movie for a niece in Thailand. It was a lot of work for a few minutes of silliness but we made some good memories.




August: Along came August and David and I spent the first long weekend in Niagra. The falls are beautiful and worth the trip to see but the rest of the the town itself doesn’t have a lot to offer. We drove north to Niagra on the Lake and I was ecstatic to find this beautiful little town sitting on the shores of Lake Ontario. David was making friends with all the other husbands who moved from one street bench to the next as their wives popped in and out of one little shop after another. I mostly window shopped but it was fun. It’s interesting how EVERY shop has scarves, and scarves, and more scarves. Will this trend ever end? One can only hope. Lake Ontario itself is the most beautiful deep blue…gorgeous. In August I helped mom and my sisters put lots of corn in the freezer. We borrowed an Amish neighbor’s outdoor cooker and fell in love with it. It’s something I definitely want to invest in for next year.




September{so far}: David was gone half of last week on a business trip and while he was gone I got Keiko fixed. No more babies for her. I don’t know how people can raise puppies and get rid of them, over and over. The single most stressful part of it is finding people to take/buy/adopt them. I was fortunate enough to personally know all the people that took puppies in July but I do not want to bet on that again. So yes….barring some miracle, Keiko’s child bearing days are over.
For some, those days are just beginning. On Sunday we celebrated the new life coming to my brother and his wife at their baby shower. November is not far away any more you two!






So that catches me up! Here’s to not letting time go by so swiftly any more…if only.

Happy fall y’all!



Ok fine.

I’ll admit it.

I’m just a little smitten,,,,

…just a smidgen….

….just the teeniest, tiniest bit,

….by this ridiculous weather. There, I said it.

Off to find some coffee in the city with friends….
(who definitely maybe for sure absolutely did not ok I did listen to Christmas music today.)


God Save the Queen…..(and this lovely weather)

We returned on Sunday from our retreat in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. We had a great time connecting with friends and enjoying the beauty of the mountains. But that’s another post for next time.

My two baby sisters and I enjoyed an afternoon at the PA Renaissance Faire a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, pretty much the best part of it is laughing at the funny costumes and the commitment with which the actors play their parts.

     Entering- (dear nieces I wish I could take you. We would laugh much. Much.)

  We made our way straightaway to the privies. Of course.

We window shopped…….

……took pictures of courtesans and commoners……

 ……..had our pictures taken with knights and foreign diplomats……(I may have coerced my sister in to hers) 😉

…..read the funny signs in the shops…………

……cavorted with royalty…….

…….wished these plays were playing…..(oh the glory of the war betwixt the sexes)

……tried on pretty hats…..

……did some wine tasting……..

 …and listened to outrageous stories from these two scallywags.

And that may have been the longest run on sentence ever written. It was a good time….the stinky pickles my sisters ate notwithstanding.




Living away from the East coastline does not, apparently, save us from experiencing hurricane weather, at least not the wet, rainy part of it. It has been raining for a few days now. Or does it just seem that long?
I spent most of the afternoon over at mom’s, chatting with her and my sisters about our upcoming vacation in South Carolina, (yep, that’s where we’re going), and tinkering around on craft projects.

My sister and I both made a set of refrigerator magnets. They’re so easy and fun.

I tried my hand at a few of these rolled-twisted flowers and then put them on a wire headband we stole from our youngest sister. After we tore off the feathers that were on it. 🙂
I’ve been seeing so many ladies/clients at work wearing some sort of cute, feminine accessory-and I think it’s so great that MOST of the time when I compliment them on it and ask them where they got it, they say they made it. I love that.

There may have been some pinning going on too. Oh goodness. Pinterest. It’s a great source of inspiration. If I try half the things I’ve pinned, I shall be very proud indeed. If you have a Pinterest account, let me know. I’d love to check out your boards. 🙂

I made sure I got home in time to watch the Republican candidates debate at 8 o’clock. Turns out it was the Romney-Perry debate. Most of the time and questions were directed towards those two, and then the analysts afterwards declared that Romney and Perry are the clear front runners and that various other candidates seem to just have f a d e d. It’s disingenuous to say the least. Yech. I am equally fascinated-concerned-disgusted by the whole political and media circus. I won’t tell you which of the candidates would get my vote but I can tell you that it wouldn’t be Romney or Perry or Santorum or Bachman or Gingerich or Cain or Huntsman.

I’m just a few days away from a week vacation…….there are no major plans besides hanging out with the ladies in my family for a week. {happy sigh}

– Marylou