Inklings from within

Day Ten

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Ten things that make you happy.

(in no particular order)



10. Belgian Design– And in particular, the work of the man pictured above, Axel Vervoordt. No design philosophy has ever struck me so perfectly to the core as the simplicity of Belgian design. I intend to do an entire post on this subject in the near future.


9. Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo- I don’t think of this pencil as making me happy, but, when I can’t find it, I feel some serious anxiety coming on. As a child of the 1980’s who ZEALOUSLY over plucked her brows, I rely on this pencil each day to feel presentable. Sometimes I use it after I shower just before getting in to bed. I’ve used many different kinds of pencils over the years and this at last, is the one. No sharpening needed. When it’s all gone, the top pops off and I replace it with a refill. Thank you Estee Lauder.













8. Water + Sunshine– This summer more than ever, I am enjoying the feel good benefits of the this combination. It is an amazing way to let go of tensions and stress.


7. Boxers– These dogs make me happy just looking at them. They love their people maybe more than any other kind of dog. (that’s purely my opinion) Their eyes are not to be resisted.


6. Autumn– The clear, crisp air. Sweatshirts in the evening. Apple cider. Pumpkins. I wish I could live in a land of eternal summer, but autumn is what makes living in a seasonal climate worth it. Did I mention football?


5. Bonnet Movies– The greatest of which is Masterpiece Theatre’s 2006 Jane Eyre. Currently I’m working my way through the Lark Rise to Candleford series. I do not tire of British humor and their delicate sensibilities. 🙂


4. Travel– Sometimes I start to panic when I think of how much world there is left to see and how much I will probably never see. Every corner is a curiosity to me, some more than others. But I will gratefully experience whatever I am able to, and the rest…..I’ll just wait for heaven.


3. Nieces & Nephews– I cannot express the joy each one of them brings me. Truly.

2. My Family– No picture. These last three all kind of fudge together but that’s OK. Each one brings its own unique joy. My family is….people I want to be with. I’m too tired to really wax on…so I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂

1. My Husband– Patient. Kind. Faithful. Enduring. Funny. Caring. Loves me and I love him. And we promise we always will. And that’s enough to make any girl happy.


I apologize if this post is not coherent.

I’m so tired but determined to get this posted before I go to bed.




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