Inklings from within

Day Eight

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Ways to win your heart

*Take me somewhere new. Seriously, nothing thrills me more than going somewhere I have never been before. It could be a new bookstore or a new country or a new park, it really doesn’t matter. I have a keen desire to see everything I can possibly see before I die.

*Be kind. Obviously we all have moments where we’re not kind to each other, but what is our reaction when a harried young mother drops something? When we see an elderly lady unloading a cart full of groceries into her car? When we see a kid being picked on? My heart melts when I see someone reach out to help a stranger.


*Be my niece or nephew. If you are lucky enough to have been birthed by one of my sisters or sis-in-laws, than you’ve got my heart in the bag. Done deal. No further action required.


*Surprise me! Unexpected happinesses are a delight. A paper letter in the mail is one of the best!

*Be a baby animal. But not unless it comes naturally to you.



Author: hellomarylou

I'm a woman on a journey towards becoming who my Creator designed me to be......

One thought on “Day Eight

  1. he-he! I love that last one! 😀

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