Inklings from within

Day Six


What is your Meyers Brigg personality?

In the small amount of time I spent researching the Meyers Brigg test, it looks long, complicated, and pricey. So, I will refer to a test by Gary Smalley that I took years ago.
You’ve probably heard of the personality types choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholy. Smalley has represented each of those types with an animal. Here are the four types/animals:

Lion (Choleric/Dominance)
Strengths– Visionary, practical, productive, strong-willed, independent, decisive, leader
Weaknesses– Cold, domineering, unemotional self-sufficient, unforgiving, sarcastic, cruel

Otter (Sanguine/Influence)
Strengths– Outgoing, responsive, warm, friendly, talkative, enthusiastic, compassionate
Weaknesses– Undisciplined, unproductive, exaggerates, egocentric, unstable

Golden Retriever (Phlegmatic/Steadiness)
Strengths– Calm, easy-going, dependable, quiet, objective, diplomatic, humorous
Weaknesses– Selfish, stingy, procrastinator, unmotivated, indecisive, fearful, worrier

Beaver (Melancholy/Compliance)
Strengths– Analytical, self-disciplined, industrious, organized, aesthetic, sacrificing
Weaknesses– Moody, self-centered, touchy, negative, unsociable, critical, revengeful

These are the types, in a nutshell. Obviously some people are combinations of the types, but most people, I believe, major in one of the above. I, without a doubt, am an:


I remember, long before I ever studied personality types, as a young girl visiting the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, watching the otters with absolute delight. They were, to put it mildly, showboating. Absolutely thrilled with their lives, they splashed and played in the moat that encircled their habitat.
Now if only I was as adorable and guiltless as they were – what a happy ending to the story that would be. Unfortunately, my weaknesses are often glaringly obvious. But that’s OK. He’s still working on me to make me more into His image. But I do embrace my otter-ness. It’s who I am, and it enables me to delight in the simple things.

Who are you?


Author: hellomarylou

I'm a woman on a journey towards becoming who my Creator designed me to be......

4 thoughts on “Day Six

  1. I’m not sure who I am, really. The weaknesses from more than one of them stand out to me… Maybe I should ask my hubby which one he sees me as. 🙂

  2. Hey- M.Lou 🙂 do you have a link to Gary Smalley’s test? I’d take it if it was so conveniently linked.

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