Inklings from within

Day Two

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List 10 things on your bucket list.

1. Be given the gift of motherhood.

2. Live in Italy for at least 1 month.

3. EXTENSIVELY visit England, Ireland, and France.

4. Run a marathon.

5. Visit my sister’s family in Thailand.

6. Write a memoir.

7. Own a farm-ette.

8. Road trip the ENTIRE USA. (perhaps a bit at a time.)

9. Live as a missionary in a Central American country.

10. Hear the words “Well done” at the end of it all.


Author: hellomarylou

I'm a woman on a journey towards becoming who my Creator designed me to be......

One thought on “Day Two

  1. I sure do like this bucket list.
    #5 is my fave.
    And I am avidly following this cool every day thing you’re doing.

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