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It was a Merry Christmas and an exceedingly Happy New Year!
Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera on our family’s New Year’s weekend getaway; therefore I am unable to prove the good times I claim we had. If I find the opportunity, I will steal some from some unsuspecting relative.
After getting home Monday afternoon, it was back to work on Tuesday. And today, today I have been cleaning and de-cluttering like a mad woman. My goal is to finish the de-cluttering and spring cleaning process by April 1st. Maybe by March 1st. But definitely by April 1st. Heaven knows this place isn’t that big, I could do it in a week if I really wanted. But let’s be realistic.
Freeing our house from clutter is a bug that has bitten me slowly….only recently have I started to get really serious. I have already taken a few boxes over to my Mom’s basement with plans for a big spring yard sale. Today I added more to a yard sale box and took lots more to the dumpster. Just getting rid of simple things like half a year’s worth of my husbands Cabelas magazines feels good. Not to mention small fabric scraps not worth saving, Christmas wrapping odds and ends, old, paid bills, wedding gifts I never/almost never use, antique or used store finds that are no longer practical enough to suit me, leftover WEDDING PROGRAMS, (I had a stack of about 50!!) scrapbook paper I don’t need/want, etc etc etc. Just STUFF, that takes up space in my house and in my mind and slows up productivity.
The Unclutterer is a website that’s been hugely inspirational to me. A bit extreme sometimes, but it points me in the right direction. It has really helped me figure out that hanging on to sentimental objects is only rarely worth it. Our memories are what we should hold precious; and more often than not, the objects that represent those memories, become an overwhelming and annoying cluster of things to step over, dust around, and sweep around, taking up space in our homes that could be free for real creativity.
Anyhoo….a salute to 2012! And to our God who gifts us with each new day.


Author: hellomarylou

I'm a woman on a journey towards becoming who my Creator designed me to be......

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