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Bella Sobrina



Last weekend found my baby sister and I at my eldest sister’s house in Ohio. We were there to celebrate my niece’s bat mitzvah. Christy is 15 years old and she is a treasure. {May I just state for the record, it is unbelievably fun to have teenage nieces.} We had a great time helping her and her family prepare for the festivities. We made pumpkin lanterns, and hung lights, and pushed furniture around, tore up old sheet music, and made food. It was a jolly good time.
Friday night it was just a small, intimate gathering for family and close friends. We shared our blessings with Christy, and heaped affirmation and love upon her. It was a beautiful time, full of love and lots of fun memories shared about her life so far. She’s a feisty one. Small but mighty. As a toddler, she once took a boy thrice her size to the floor, sat on him, and firmly reprimanded him for bullying her friend. He’s still thrice her size I believe, and only a few weeks ago (allegedly) she affirmed her unwavering courage when she tossed her glass of water in his face. He was bullying her this time. Allegedly. 🙂
Besides her courage, she is well noted for her contagious enthusiasm for life. She is passionate about truth. She is a woman of influence. I have no doubt that more than a few lives will be changed by the influence of her presence on this earth. She is witty. She is hilarious. Like her older sister Cherie said, she is so unique that everyone wants to be like her, but they can’t, because there’s only one Christy. 🙂
Saturday night’s festivity was held at their church where we had created a somewhat “homey” atmosphere in their balcony. Here there were lots more people, her grandpa, friends from church, and friends from afar. Her mom and dad and two oldest siblings shared their blessings with her that night. It was touching to say the least. What a beautiful thing, to see a young woman affirmed, told that she was loved, beautiful, and accepted. She was encouraged, blessed, and honored. There’s a girl who I doubt will go looking for a boy to give her an identity. She has one, loud and clear. She’s a daughter of the King, and a valued treasure in her family. She’s a talented musician. A classical actress. A sought after singer. A photographer extraordinaire. A giggling partner in crime. A lover of coffee and a domestic diva.
What if we all did a little bit of that each day? Affirming each other, expressing someone else’s value, their beloved-ness, instead of their unloveliness. Would people’s lives change little by little? Would it change the way someone looked at themselves? No great ceremony, just a day by day appreciation of someone’s value. Ahhh…I’m inspired.
I love you Christy, more than you’ll ever know.



Author: hellomarylou

I'm a woman on a journey towards becoming who my Creator designed me to be......

3 thoughts on “Bella Sobrina

  1. Oh Marylou.
    I love you so much.

  2. This is precious. She is precious.

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