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God Save the Queen…..(and this lovely weather)


We returned on Sunday from our retreat in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. We had a great time connecting with friends and enjoying the beauty of the mountains. But that’s another post for next time.

My two baby sisters and I enjoyed an afternoon at the PA Renaissance Faire a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, pretty much the best part of it is laughing at the funny costumes and the commitment with which the actors play their parts.

     Entering- (dear nieces I wish I could take you. We would laugh much. Much.)

  We made our way straightaway to the privies. Of course.

We window shopped…….

……took pictures of courtesans and commoners……

 ……..had our pictures taken with knights and foreign diplomats……(I may have coerced my sister in to hers) 😉

…..read the funny signs in the shops…………

……cavorted with royalty…….

…….wished these plays were playing…..(oh the glory of the war betwixt the sexes)

……tried on pretty hats…..

……did some wine tasting……..

 …and listened to outrageous stories from these two scallywags.

And that may have been the longest run on sentence ever written. It was a good time….the stinky pickles my sisters ate notwithstanding.



Author: hellomarylou

I'm a woman on a journey towards becoming who my Creator designed me to be......

6 thoughts on “God Save the Queen…..(and this lovely weather)

  1. Some day…some year, the girls and I WILL go with you!

    But we will not eat pickles….

  2. I can’t stand it! I just can’t stand it!
    P.S. You should totally be a part of the Faire . . . I would if I lived so close!! You would be the star. People would laugh the whole time at your wittiness.
    She sighs.

  3. Hey don’t knock the pickles till you try them, they are essential part of the the full Renn Faire experience:)

  4. Aww, look Cherie, she mentioned us in her blog post!

  5. Awww, I wanna go again too! love the pics!

  6. omg! i just came across your site and now i shall add it to my favorites. i really need to see you again sometime. 🙂

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