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Giving Thanks



s there any treasure that can be compared to truth? This Thanksgiving I’ve thought of it again and again-I have so much to be grateful for. I have a stock pile of  ammunition for one of those days when I need to count my blessings.  But nothing compares to knowing and believing the truth. Since this November’s election, I’ve turned a deaf ear to politicians and their promises to supply jobs, restore America, or whatever else the current buzz-worthy jargon is. (Staying informed is important, but sorting fact from fiction is a time-consuming endeavor. Not to mention the cranial explosions and the rapid onset Parkinson’s that seems to occur when watching/hearing/reading too much news.)  But there is a place I can turn to and expect to get the truth every time.

The number one thing I’m grateful for is this: I serve the one, true God. He reveals Himself in the people around me, in the beauty of earth, in my own heart, and in His Word. While modern modes of communication continue to evolve at a rapid pace, I boast in the simplicity of a long letter from my Creator, the Organizer of the universe.

Second best?  The family that is my husband and I. He completes me. And then there’s his family. David’s brother and wife and their 4 month old twins traveled all the way from Texas to spend Thanksgiving week with us. To say that we fell in love with the babies is an understatement. Abigail and Victoria won us over so completely. Every moment was spent in silly baby talk, making faces, anything to get them to smile. And when they did it felt like we’d just won a prize of epic proportions. 🙂 We were reduced to tears in the parking lot after we’d told them goodbye. I’m UBER grateful for my second family…they’re gracious and giving and warm and so loving to us!

Not to mention, my family.  This past week was packed full of running back and forth from David’s family to mine and it was so worth it. Most of our time with my family didn’t happen until Saturday and Sunday but we packed it full of fun. I experienced Black Friday shopping for the first and last time. We went out at midnight on Thursday and were out until 6am. It had its moments, but it wasn’t worth standing in line in the dark behind Target. 🙂 We played games, watched movies, drank coffee, ate leftovers, ran around playing dodgeball and 23Escadoo with the kiddos in the basement, conversed, and painted a giant mural on the bathroom wall.

On Sunday afternoon Tom, Cameron, and Caleb brought some horses over. It was pretty cold outside but our hearts were warm.


It is good practice for my will power to say no to this face.


I love this picture. It illustrates perfectly just how many scenes/conversations can be going on in our family at once. Captured in the foreground is Jeffrey, just after he descended from a decidedly aggressive horse named Trigger. Please click on the photo above to enjoy Jeff’s aging process at a greater advantage. 🙂

So that does it….I’m grateful for God and family. There’s plenty more, but I will revel in those two for a long, long time.


Author: hellomarylou

I'm a woman on a journey towards becoming who my Creator designed me to be......

3 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Mary Lou, you write and express yourself so well. I enjoy your writings, your blog.

  2. That last shot is awesome. I’m looking at it and saying, “Wait, who’s that old guy? I don’t remember him at all and I was right there!’ 😀 Victoria’s face looks like she saw it all happen. 🙂

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