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Spring: Renewal

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Yesterday, I enjoyed a lovely lunch on a sunny porch in Strasburg, with a group of lovely ladies-sisters, friends, cousins. The food was delicious, the conversation stimulating,  and the glass of Boone’s Farm Snow Creek Berry made me feel like I was slowly melting into a puddle of bliss. There is very little alcoholic content in this product, and to most people its nothing more than a glorified Sprite, but to me…..I can feel my bones turning to mush with the first sip. Needless to say, I will never be a wine connoisseur.

After leaving Strasburg, I returned home and entreated my husband to take me on the fabulous drive he had taken me on back in November. (or was it December?) I don’t exactly know where all we were….but I do know that we traveled through a lot of horse country south east of where we live. Last fall when he’d taken me we saw two foxes, one them very close to us. That sort of thing thrills me to the core. 🙂 I didn’t have the camera with me last time, so this time I borrowed my sister’s *much better than mine* camera and off we went. It was beyond gorgeous. Unfortunately for me, my sister’s camera’s settings were quite beyond my abilities and all the pictures turned out rather dark and overcast. So I decided to just go with it. I deleted tons of them, tried to fix up a few of them, and I would like to present to you, Spring: In Shades of Gray.

And check it out, an albino deer, or at least she was half albino. We saw 10 deer in this one spot.

*My heart’s desire.*

Dear Stranger alarmed by random person aiming camera at your house: I’ll back in a few years to buy your house. Thank you. You’re welcome. Goodbye.


Next up, Spring: In Color. The way God intended.


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I'm a woman on a journey towards becoming who my Creator designed me to be......

One thought on “Spring: Renewal

  1. The last picture is a beauty. I love the other ones too.

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