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Caught in a Deluge of Snow


Who knew I wouldn’t get back here ’til February?

We’ve been inundated, submerged, filled to the top and overflowing, with snow. Lots and lots and lots of snow.

Every time I looked out my door all I could see were waves and piles and billows of this white powder.  It was pretty at first and then I started feeling a bit claustrophobic.  Finally, during late afternoon on Thursday, I managed to get my car out on the road. I turned the heat way up, opened the windows, drove as slow as I wanted, and took pictures with my little point and shoot. In doing so, I uncovered a new appreciation for my White Captor. If nothing else, I’m privileged to see sites like these. There are millions of people who will never see a beautiful sunset on snow-covered, rolling hills; and my heart rejoiced to serve a Creator with such a vast, artistic imagination! My camera is humble, but the sights were beautiful…..just pretend these were taken with a Canon 40D or something! 😉

A farm along Rt. 772. This was taken through my windshield so excuse the dizziness at the bottom.

Hollander Road

The peaks of Mt. Everest against the sky. Or not.

Childhood reference: When I was a young girl I was a serious tomboy. (or is it tomgirl?? I’m confused) Anyway, the condition of my hair was my very last concern, and I remember showing up to the dinner table and dad would say, (in dutch) “Marylou, your hair looks like a heckuh patch!” If you don’t know what that is, see the above photo. That’s a heckuh patch.

The lovely church in whose parking lot I was sitting for some of these photos. I can’t remember the name of it, but its the one where everyone always parks to watch the eagle nest in the valley below.

I don’t know what that silo is made of, but the way the sun shines off of it makes me want to sing.

Thankfully no one at the *Benuel Fisher residence had to put on frosty underwear that evening. The icy towels may have been a bit rough though. 🙂 P.S. I think I’m getting a line like this in the spring!

Oh that I were a moon…that I might reflect your light.

If you pretend that all the white stuff is actually green grass, this picture actually gets prettier. (:

I feel like these trees and the following ones, speak for themselves.

If ever I wanted a zoom lense………..

The snow is a great reminder to be grateful for modern plumbing!

Sorry if I went a bit overboard with the photos….I liked them all.

Stay tuned, next post will be the PW cookbook giveaway!

Happy, happy winter!  Now pray for spring.

*I don’t know Benuel Fisher and Benuel Fisher doesn’t know me. I don’t know where he lives or if he likes frosty underwear.


Author: hellomarylou

I'm a woman on a journey towards becoming who my Creator designed me to be......

7 thoughts on “Caught in a Deluge of Snow

  1. Nice pictures. I like the one of the church the best. LOVELY

  2. Nice snow!Nice silo! Nice Church!Nice pictures! Nice post! :]

  3. You are coming around, Marylou. I’m not giving up on you.

    Oh, and can I have that church for my birthday?

  4. These pictures are beautiful.

  5. lovely snowy pictures! that church is gorgeous, but I think my favorite is the outhouse! 🙂

    and I better not miss your giveaway… 😉

  6. thanks, marylou, for your praise! these pix are lovely!

  7. Loved your local photos; right now I’m sitting in NE Lanc.Cty. watching the snow & 35 mph wind gusts, foregoing work until Sat. as 897 is not the 1st road that the state plows & I’m sure that it’s drifted, as well as the roads in your area, I’m sure, are worse. Spring’s around the corner (we just need to get past March 7!!!) (I’m the PW book signing bathroom line rumor passer…)

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