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Pioneer Woman!


About a 2 years ago, on the recommendation of a friend, I started reading Ree Drummond’s blog, The Pioneer Woman. I. was. hooked. And I have remained so ever since. Ree’s blog is uplifting, hilarious, refreshing, and still very much established in the sometimes gritty reality of life. Her recipes are divine. Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Sheet Cake, and heaven help us, THESE, are just a few of the recipes she’s unleashed upon the world. Every time I make one of her recipes, I get thanked profusely and sincerely by my husband for days afterward. So when she got her cookbook published and I read that she was going on a book-signing tour, I was thrilled to find out she was making a stop in West Chester, which is a mere 30 minutes from my house!

The signing was scheduled for 2:30 this afternoon at the Chester County Books & Music Company. My sister Dorothy and I hit the road around 11:15 this morning and drove towards West Chester with great anticipation. When we got there we were assigned a number (71), bought our books, and found our way to an area in the back of the store where they had set up 200 chairs. We were glad we got there as early as we did ’cause we got great seats!

There’s her lovely cookbook! Dorothy was more enthused about reading about all the cows, horses, manure, and cowboys on Ree’s ranch than the recipes! 🙂
We took turns holding our seats and going and wondering around the store which was quite lovely. It’s shelves were laden with books you don’t see in a “big box” store.
And then we sat, and we waited. And waited.

And Dorothy took pictures of the book I was browsing through. One of my favorites of all time, Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame. Inga Moore’s illustrations are out of this world!

While waiting in our seats, while browsing around the store, and even while in line for the restroom, there was one name that kept coming up over and over from the lips of ladies from 18 to 67. Marlboro Man. Ree’s husband who’s been with her for parts of this book tour, but unfortunately for some, not for the last part. So we took a few pictures trying to convey the emotions these women (d d d definitely not us) were feeling.

Here I think I did an OK job of conveying the desperation I heard in the whispered rumors in the restroom line. Somebody heard Marlboro Man had been in NY for the weekend. Hmmmmm. Could that mean he might grace us with his presence here today?

I did my best to capture the sadness we all felt within! No, just kidding. Kinda. It sounds like MM is a good man and we’re all happy that Ree has such a supportive, and yes, handsome man awaiting her at home.

And then the seats started to fill and the crowd grew more and more fidgety and giddy with anticipation. Or was that just me?

And then there she was.

She was so happy to see us she did a little dance.
Just kidding.
She was probably trying to defend herself from the 768 camera flashes that were going off in her face, poor lady.

She had a little question and answer session.
And she answered a question of mine that I’ve wondered about for some time.
What did she study in college and is it of any value in her life now?
Her answers were gerontology and no.   🙂

And she blessed us with a rip-roaring line from “There’s no business like show business….”  She was good. Really.

And then she taketh up her pen and commenced to do what she came to do, sign her cookbooks!

The line moved pretty quickly and before we knew it, we were almost there.

And then it was our turn. 🙂 Ree is a lovely and beautiful lady, crazily successful and still so down to earth and comfortable to talk to.

Thank you PW!

Thank you Ree for all the miles you’ve traveled the past few weeks to meet your blog readers!  Blessings upon your head forevermore!

Pretty much all these pics are the work of DKauffman.


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8 thoughts on “Pioneer Woman!

  1. Don’t you just love her? I saw her in NYC the day before (but NOT with Marlboro Man!) Did he make an appearance at your book signing?

    Thanks so much for sharing. To see details of the NYC signing, visit my blog at: http://everydaywomanusa.wordpress.com/2009/12/13/meeting-my-super-hero-blogger-pioneer-woman-in-person/


  2. This make me even more upset that I couldn’t make it. It looks like you had a great time though! I’m so happy you got to go.

    What a great lady.


  3. I was there too!
    She is just a doll.
    Sadly, no everydaywoman no MM. 😦

  4. I found your posting about the Pioneer Woman through Mary June’s facebook, and found it interesting considering I have a Beef Brisket marinating in the frig right now for our supper. Southern Living did an article on her in the Nov. issue, and I’ve been intrigued by her life story. So cool you got to see her in person. I will buy her cookbook, but it won’t be autographed. BTW, great pictures!

  5. Thanks Lorraine…my sis took most of the pictures. If you want the cookbook and you want one autographed…..I’m actually gonna do a giveaway with an autographed copy of the cookbook on here in the next week! Check back to enter.

    • I sure will. I must say the brisket has my entire house smelling delightful. can’t wait to see if the family likes it. ( I am using Ree’s recipe she had in SL in Nov.) Is your sister home to stay or just for the holidays/ I never met her, but my daughter and I spent a week with Carolyn and Shelia in Honduras last year.

  6. Hi! I’m almost ashamed to let you know that I’m the bathroom line MM rumor passer. My friend & I were also very disappointed that MM wasn’t there. My next question to PW would have been “Who did you bring along on this trip?” I wonder if she was alone for this last leg of her trip. My friend found this on Facebook & we both ID’d you as the lady from Gap in the bathroom line! When we were waiting for our signing we heard one of the bookstore employees complaining about the restaurant bathroom getting trashed. They also said that it was the largest signing that they’ve ever sponsored. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog – “Hurst”, what a typical Lancaster County name! Rita & I are from the Denver/Ephrata area. We had the best time & this was the first time we ever did anything social together – we’re just 2 PW stalkers, definitely not acting our ages! Yee gads – my moment of fame with PW was correcting her pronounciation of Lanc-aster County & she was teaching me how to say Loua-ville vs. Louisville. I was also wondering if you would be willing to share any of your photos? Yours are so much better than mine came out. Thanks again for your great blog entry on that exciting day.

  7. So so jealous! I wanted to go, but couldn’t make it work…Looks like fun!

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