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Here’s a fun little excercise I found on THIS lovely blog.  I’d love to hear your answers to this question:

If life were a movie, which movie would you want to live in?

For me this a very difficult question, being a person who falls in love so quickly with so many things, and often so many things at once! But I’ll try to keep it within my TOP 5. This is not neccasarily a list of my TOP5 favorite movies; the Lord of the Rings trilogy is my favorite EVER but I don’t really want to live in it. Except maybe in the Shire…I’d no longer have to be so self concious of my hairy feet! (TOTALLY kidding) This is merely a list of times/places/moments in movies I would love to experience.



This modern day fairy tale captured my heart from the very beginning. This movie is made so beautifully it left me swooning about the colors in it for weeks. If there is a baby nursery in my future its decor will be inspired by Penelope’s room……no pastels for my poor baby! But most of all, I love the message of loving and accepting ourselves the way we ARE, and not striving for the approval of a world whose ideals of beauty change with the wind.





















Seriously, how exciting and yes, how difficult, would it have been to be alive during the American Revolution? Imagine all the hopes, all the dreams, the weariness, the possibility, the tragedy, the honor you would have experienced in those days.  Thanks to the sacrifices made by our founding fathers and the men and women who surrounded them, we are still free to experience all those things today.



Anne : Don’t you ever imagine things differently from what they are?
Marilla : No.
Anne : Oh Marilla, how much you miss.

Anne is fully caught up in the drama and reality of today, with the mischief she gets into and in her interactions with other people; at the same time she can be easily swept away by her imagination to a far off “better” place and is quite comfortable just being by herself. She dreams of all that COULD be….however impossible it seems to be. I can relate to all of that.


268806.1020.AIf I could count the times I’ve watched this…..oh my. I admit, I love the witty character named Beatrice. Seeing the difference between her and Benedict’s relationship and that of Hero and Claudio left an impression on me from a young age. I definitely preferred the former. 🙂 And I have it with my husband…in a manner of speaking. 😉 This movie is everything a Shakespear film should be. And who doesn’t want to live in HIS imagination?!

1. Chocolat





















I can’t really find words to describe this one.  I want to learn to be hospitable the way Vianne is in this film. I want to learn to expect the best in people instead of judging harshly by whatever my first impression of them is. I want to throw dinner parties like Vianne does. I want to serve chocolate gravy over chicken. I want to NOT conform to what organized religion expects of me; I want to pursue being who my Creator calls me to be, and to use the gifts and talents He’s given me to bless others. I want to NOT be so absorbed by own expectations and needs that I fail to see the needs of those around me.  And on entirely different note….Vianne, the main character in this film always reminds me of my oldest sister Celesta.

BONUS ROUND! Just about every Jane Austen movie ever! (I just could not resist!)


Ladies, you understand, no?

Its not Monday anymore but I’ll post this anyway. Tomorrow morning I’ll probably wake up and think of 5 other films I’d like to live in more than these. I totally “winged” it on this one…just wrote about 5 films that have inspired me and that came to mind when I thought about this question. What film would you like to live in? Do tell!


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  1. “…being a person who falls in love so quickly with so many things, and often so many things at once.” I can relate ridiculously well. I have a feeling this is going to be a great little blog, Mlou… 🙂

  2. Aww, I love this post. I want to see this Penelope movie. Like, now. Anyways, I also must agree on most of the other movies. And the Jane Austen mention, my sentiments exactly! But what’s this with Anne Hathaway? She was in a J.A. movie? Hmm…. Not elated.

    – Mia

  3. @Ervina-Thanks so much!
    @Camellia- Ok, technically it’s not a J.A. movie…its the one about her called “Becoming Jane.” Hathaway isn’t my favorite actress either but she’s ok…:) Let me know if you see Penelope.

  4. I have to agree with every jane Austin film. Love her stories!

  5. OK, well, I happen to be a MAJOR Anne Hathaway fan! but anyways… I love Anne of Green Gables, I too, would love to live in those days… The clothes and styles are so cool, imo. I get a kick out of Much Ado… and i havent watched the others. (of course, I love Jane Austin, too. Altho my hubby came by just now and made the cynical comment that they are all unrealistic, worthless love stories. whatever. =)

  6. Much Ado About Nothing! Derrick and I watched this movie while we were dating; it blew us away, so we decided to get married and go absorb the Italian countryside. 🙂

  7. @Kay-Lol Kay…..just keep strategically playing the classical music you told me about….he’ll come around. 😉
    @Naomi- It’s that inspiring isn’t it…..did you go to to Italy for your honeymoon?

  8. Yes–we went backpacking for two weeks. It was amazing–can’t wait to go again one day!

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