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The Death and Demise of Mr. Darcy


This summer my nephew Kordell visited us for 2 weeks and during his stay he quite convinced my sister and I to purchase birds. My sister Carolyn had given him a bird for his birthday last year and he LOVES it. So after about 5 minutes of deliberation and a quick phone call to my huzzband David,  I found myself peering through the glass at PetSmart. There were probably about 15 budgies (parakeets) fluttering about in the one cage. My eyes settled on a rather fat, stuffy looking fellow in the back of the cage. He looked as if he had just about had it with all the fluttering from the other birds and I took it upon myself to rescue him. We brought him home and I commissioned Carolyn to clip his wings for me. He experienced a brief moment of panic upon arriving home but very soon settled down and became a very distinguished, well spoken of pet. I named him Mr. Darcy.

Things started to go downhill when David and I traveled to Canada for his brother’s wedding in August. He was in my sister Carolyn’s care and during that weekend shared a “house” with her as-of-yet-un-named bird. This un-named bird proved to have a disturbing influence on our Mr. Darcy. While I was in Canada, Carolyn sent me this picture.


Mr. Darcy, caught in a compromising position.

The day after we returned I went over to my Mom’s to pick up Mr. Darcy. And then things went horribly wrong. I hate to say it, but I played a major role in the death of my bird. I won’t go into too much detail but it involved me taking Mr. Darcy out of his cage to hold him in the wrong place at the wrong time. In seconds, Mr. Darcy had escaped my grasp, and Lexi, my brother’s dog POUNCED.


Lexi, the villian. (photo by Jeff)

I wish I could say the his death was quick and painless but it was not.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

Lexi had no desire to eat him, only to play with him. So thankfully, there were remains for us to bury.

My cousin was visiting and her two young sons were most helpful in preparing a grave.


And we fashioned for him a most honorable grave.



Lexi and I were both racked with guilt for days but I think we’ve been able to move on now, believing that everything happens for a reason and that we were blessed to have Mr. Darcy in our lives, even if it was just for a month and a half.  God rest his birdy soul.


Author: hellomarylou

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12 thoughts on “The Death and Demise of Mr. Darcy

  1. I would not think of laughing at the death of so noble a bird, but your retelling is most amusing!

  2. Did Lexi actually show remorse?

  3. You are an awesome storyteller! Sorry about your bird, my bird Ralph (I know, I know what a name! Long story) has past on too.. I love the pic of Mr Darcy in a compromising position! Too funny!

  4. @Naomi- Thanks! Laughter has a healing quality. 🙂
    @Katie- Yes, I think so. She hung her head and walked around very humbly.
    @Lucille-Thanks! 🙂

  5. I am so happy you are starting a new blog! I shall be a faithful reader. Especially if there continue to be such amusing accounts of things as Mr. Darcy and such. 🙂

  6. oh I love it! Not Mr. Darcy’s death, of course, but your blog! Now every time I visit your site, there will be a song stuck in my head….

  7. you got a blog. you got a blog! HOORAY!!!!!!!! i adore it already.

  8. @Clarita & Cherie- THANK you!
    @Ellen- what song?

  9. “I said Hello Marylou, goodbye heart. My sweet Marylou I’m so in love with you, goodbye heart!”

    please don’t tell me you’ve never heard it?!

  10. Oh, Yes! Sorry. That was the inspiration for this blog’s name.
    I’ve heard it pretty much my whole life. 🙂
    Ricky Nelson’s version is the best.

  11. I pretty much love your blog, almost as much as I love you. I will be a faithful reader, as well.

    Sorry about Mr. Darcy. 😦

  12. how positively awful for you and the family! “poor Mister Darcy”. Love your blog, love the way you write, and the pics are great. I’ll be back 😉

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